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At Glen Surveys we can provide a wide range of services to meet your requirements. We offer:

  • Competitive rates and value for money
  • Free quotations
  • We can normally start work within one week following instruction
  • Quick turn around and delivery
  • Professional advice provided
  • Each job given our undivided attention

If you have any questions or require any further information or clarification on any of the sections below, please contact us.

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Land Surveying and Mapping
Site surveys and topographical mapping can be undertaken to any desired scale and degree of detail specification.

  • Large scale - These can be produced at scales up to 1:100 or larger. Selection of scale and degree of detail to be shown will take into account the size of the area.

  • Small & medium scale - Contours and spot heights can be added to UK Ordnance Survey maps at 1/1250 or 1/2500 scales.

  • A careful balance must be struck between the need to show clearly all the desired information, keeping the number of plans manageable and fulfilling the needs of the design project and of budgetary constraints.

  • Additional information - such as longitudinal or cross-sections in drawn or tabular forms, volumetric earthworks quantities and digital terrain models can be produced as a by-product of the mapping process to meet the special needs of the clients.

  • Consultation - Many years experience, working in close day-to-day liaison with design teams, has proved to us the inadequacy of working to generalised 'standard specifications'. No two projects have identical needs, so we aim for a flexible approach in determining specifications.

    We will supply to clients, on request, a printed pro-forma listing typical specification options available (such as scales; grids and datums; degrees of planimetric information; height information; underground services and methods of presentation of results) from which items not required can simply be deleted.

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Control surveys
All types and scales of mapping require the establishment of an accurate framework of control points, established by GPS or Total Station/EDM equipment.

The types of mapping projects undertaken by Glen Surveys include:

  • Revision and contouring of existing maps for planning purposes.
  • Site surveys for housing authorities and estate developers
  • Town centre redevelopment surveys
  • Route plans and profiles for power lines and pipelines
  • Engineering surveys for highways and bridges; docks and harbours; tunnels; railways; airports; oil installations; power stations; sewerage schemes; irrigation; water supply; industrial and residential development

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Setting out
Setting out for all types of construction work can be undertaken on either of two bases:

  • A one-off fee can be negotiated for the entire operation
  • Fully equipped survey teams can be provided on inclusive time rates

Glen Surveys can carry out a proving survey to check the design control framework and to ensure that the project fits the site. Initial setting out can be followed up with periodic visits to check and maintain progress. As-built surveys can also be carried out on completion of the setting out as part of our quality control procedures.

Experienced staff can be seconded to work directly under the client's own control and supervision. This can be for various periods of time and charges can be negotiated at flat rates with no hidden extras.

We would emphasise that Glen Surveys is a professional survey company, not an agency. Staff provided on secondment to clients are qualified land surveyors and have the full range of equipment and technical resources at their disposal.

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Architectural and Structural Surveys

Large scale floor plans, elevations and sections of existing buildings can be provided for reconstruction or refurbishment projects. Floor plans can be related to a rigid control framework for three-dimensional structural engineering design, or more economical individual plans of each floor can be provided for architectural, refurbishment or letting purposes.

Simplified elevations showing main outlines with window and door openings can be produced economically by conventional survey techniques using remote methods and reflectorless instruments. If detailed elevations, including all architectural embellishments are required, we can arrange the use of specialised terrestrial photogrammetry or laser scanning.

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High Precision Measurement and Monitoring

New and old structures can sometimes be subject to settlement or subsidence resulting in structural movement or deformation, both during and after construction.

Glen Surveys has, on many occasions, undertaken precise measurement using specially calibrated tapes, electronic equipment, geodetic levels with parallel plate micrometers and invar staves, precise digital levels with invar bar coded staves, in order to monitor movement on a regular basis over a period of time.

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Aerial Surveys
We have considerable experience in preparing contoured topographical plans in 2D or 3D for modelling purposes, using vertical aerial photography and computerised photogrammetric methods.

This method is particularly economical for large areas of township or rural environment or where access is difficult or prohibited on the ground. Stereo aerial photography provides a powerful source material for infra-structure mapping at both large and small scales, with output in MOSS or AUTOCAD formats.

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Underground Services
We are able to undertake the location of underground services by visual inspection or by electronic tracing methods, and record their condition using CCTV methods.

Manhole depths and positions can also be recorded and superimposed onto our topographical surveys of the ground above. By using up to the minute electro-magnetic survey equipment we can detect underground metallic pipes, cables and drains to show their exact position, depth and if required photographic evidence, plotted on to a survey drawing.

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Boundary Disputes
In cases where two parties are in dispute over property boundaries, or planning application issues, Glen Surveys can provide a professional qualified Land Surveyor to act as an independant expert witness in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 with overriding duty to the court.

Our surveyor will examine the existing documentation, carry out a measured survey on the site and prepare plans and reports for the court, and if necessary, determine the boundary line for H.M. Land Registry and give evidence as an Expert Witness.

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CAD & Digital Mapping
All field survey observations are processed at our Sidcup offices, using experienced CAD operators and state of the art computing technology, enabling us to offer a fast, efficient and versatile service. Increased accuracy,
enhanced productivity and less risk of human error result in faster job turnaround times using the latest AUTOCAD software package and online precision colour plotter.

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Topographical land survey example
Topographical land surveys - click on image to view a larger scale version
Architectural elevation example
Architectural elevation - click on image to view a larger scale version
Solid wall floor plan example
Large scale floor plan - click on image to view a larger scale version
Colour plotter printing large scale plans at Glen Surveys Sidcup offices
Processing field survey observations using large scale plotters
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