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As a general overview, Glen Surveys, Land Surveyors, provide the following...

  • Large scale land and engineering surveys,
  • Topographical mapping, ground control and field verification for aerial surveys,
  • Measured building surveys, sections and elevations,
  • Setting-out on construction sites and construction survey project management
  • Dimensional control and deformation monitoring of structures
  • Volumetric and area calculations
  • Boundary disputes and expert witness in court
  • Digital mapping and ground modelling, digitising and CAD

The range of activities that we carry out can be broken down as follows:

Topographical Surveys 25%
Building Surveys 25%
Engineering / Setting-out 25%
Monitoring 5%
Underground Services 5%
Volumetric / Area Surveys 5%
Boundary / Legal Surveys 5%
Aerial Surveys 5%

For more detailed information, please see the Our services page.

Surveyor at roadside

Checking equipment readings at night
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